Tory Kirkland


Tory Kirkland is one of the newest Realtors here at Sand Dunes. Prior to getting his  real estate license, he already had experience as a real estate investor. Having done  several personal deals from the Buyer/Seller side, he will be able to put himself in  your shoes and understand your perspective on things. He is a problem solver at heart  and wants to help you find the property that best suits your needs. As an Engineer, he  thinks a little differently, but don’t worry he is outgoing and easy to talk to. He wants  to bring his design knowledge and passion for efficiency to shape your real estate experience in a way that will leave you ready to relax on the beach when it is done. If you can’t find him showing houses and properties there is a strong chance he is  already on the beach. If not there, check the gym, a freshwater spring or the shooting  range. Either way, give him a call and let him get to work for you!